Nail Polish Collection - Nude and Brown Nail Polish

After having a sort out of all my makeup and stuff the other day I thought it would be a good idea to show you all my nail polish collection. Although I would imagine my collection is tiny compared to some, I still have enough to annoy my husband (one day I'm going to show him someones full collection video on YouTube then he'll be thanking his lucky stars for my 'small' hoard of makeup!).

Nude is probably my favourite shade of nail polish because it's so wearable and I actually think it's quite flattering to wear (if it's at all possible to 'flatter' your finger nails, ha). Brown is quite a weird one I think because as a young girl you couldn't think of anything worse than painting what can only be described as 'boring' on your finger nails but as a woman I think brown is anything but boring! I tend to prefer darker browns to light browns but nevertheless I think brown is a staple shade that every woman should have in her nail polish collection. 



Obviously I have my favourites within the collection and some have been used more than others; I find that I don't really bother with the more brick coloured browns (Nubar 'Moire' and Maybelline 'In Your Flesh') but I'm a total sucker for the lighter nudes (Barry M 'Lychee' and Models Own 'Naked Glow'). I bought Essie Topless and Barefoot purely because it was a blogger favourite a couple of years ago and although I like the colour I aren't keen on the formula and my bottle still has the smaller brush which makes it really difficult to apply. 

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