Perfume Gift Ideas

After going through a bit of a perfume drought back in August I have made sure that Christmas has come bearing lots of gorgeous smelling gifts. I now have a bit of an over-supply of perfume but I definitely aren't complaining; I love to have a choice of perfumes depending on my mood. I don't actually know why I do perfume posts because I am shocking at describing perfumes but I do like sharing with you what I'm wearing at the moment...


My most favourite budget perfume has to be Zara Woman Oriental (£9.99 for 100ml), who even knew that Zara did perfume? Well maybe you did, but I didn't until just before christmas when one of my friends came in smelling of what I thought was Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, when it was in fact Zara Oriental. The bottle is simple with no frills but the scent is very similar to Flowerbomb and it has a similar longevity which is surprising considering it's under £10! I actually got this as part of a set with Zara Woman Fruity for only £12.99... so that's two 100ml bottles for under £15, averaging at £6.50 per bottle and they both smell absolutely lovely. They're both amazing as day or night time perfumes and if these scents aren't really your thing then they have a whole range of other very reasonably priced perfumes so there's sure to be something that will take your fancy!  

I've been lusting after Lancome La Vie Est Belle for the longest time and I totally forgot to put it on my Christmas list in 2013 so I made sure I got myself a bottle this time! This is quite a pricey one but I managed to get a gift set with 10% off in the Debenhams pre-christmas beauty promotion which made it just under £40 with a shower gel and a body lotion. It is quite a strong one, I'd even go as far as to say it requires an 'acquired sense of smell' to actually really love it because it's quite overpowering especially when it's first sprayed. However, when it's settled down it's one of those signature scents that you can spot a mile off; it took Lancome 3 years to develop it so it is quite special I think. 

The final Christmas addition to my collection was another bottle of Dolce & Gabbana The One which I got from the Boots sale in a gift set for just under £30 (they don't have any left online but they might have some in store if you're quick). I actually got to like this almost 5 years ago when Jason bought me a bottle (always nice when husbands get it right without being prompted!) but I haven't had a bottle for a good couple of years. It's another floral oriental one but quite a soft classic scent at the same time; the musk in it definitely comes through for me in this one and I love it as a night time perfume. Again, it's quite a pricey one but if you can grab the set then it's well worth it!

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