Bee Good Skincare for Combination Skin

There aren't many things/brands that I rave about continuously and I like to think that I'm quite selective in what I say I 'love' on my blog because I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that something is brilliant when it's really not. But Bee Good honestly is a brand which is too good to ignore in my opinion. 


It's obviously not the first time I've mentioned their products on my blog; I was first introduced to them when I was kindly sent a sample of Bee Good Cream Cleanser which I still love to this day and will continue to repurchase until the cows come home because it takes makeup off excellently but it's also gentle enough for my sensitive, blemish prone skin. I've also been using their daily moisturiser for the last couple of months and I've also fallen totally in love with that because it provides just the exact amount of moisture that my skin needs without making my skin look too oily and it doesn't block my pores or cause blemishes (if anything I'd probably say it calmed my skin when I started using it). Both their cream cleanser and moisturiser have a really lovely luxurious but soothing scent to them but I don't feel that they're over-scented like some skincare products can be. 

Obviously the fact that they're a British company is another reason why I love Bee Good as a brand. Also, they never test on animals, they don't hurt bees during the process of making their products, they never use synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicone, SLS/SLES or parabens AND they plough a share of their profits back into beekeeping causes and the education of young bee farmers.

Their skincare is more suited to those with normal or combination skin but they also do a range of hand care and lip care so even if their facial skincare isn't suitable for you, you could always try one of their other ranges. Every single product is under £20 so they're very purse friendly and they also have an offer on at the moment where you get a free travel sized cream cleanser when you spend £10 or more so there's another reason for you to try Bee Good! 

My skin is quite selective when it comes to what I put on it so in my eyes, for me to really rave about a brand/products as much as I have with Bee Good, it speaks volumes really. 

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