Thursday, 29 January 2015

Travel Bucket List #1

You know how the old saying goes 'work hard, play harder' well I really intend to put that into practise this year. I've spent too many years making excuses and saying no to so many opportunities; especially when it comes to going places! I try not to visit the same place twice (unless it's somewhere totally amazing like New York or Orlando!!) because I think there's just so many beautiful places around the world it would be daft to waste time on the same place over and over. Here's a couple of places I'd like to visit over the next couple of years...

Niagara Falls
This looks like one of the most incredible natural marvels in the world; I imagine it to be really breathtaking. We're looking into doing a multi-centre holiday in the USA at some point and incorporating this with a trip to NYC looks quite tempting... Let me know if you have visited Niagara Falls! 

Disneyland Paris
I've actually booked to go here in March with my friend; I did Florida last year and I really wanted a Disney fix this year so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see what DLP is like. I'm not expecting it to be on the same scale as Orlando and no doubt it'll be a lot colder but hopefully it'll be a magical experience nevertheless!

A Mediterranean Cruise 
I've always fancied a cruise because it means you can visit lots of different places all in one holiday and you don't have to commit a full week to one destination. Most Mediterranean Cruises* give you a choice of where you want to go so say if you had a couple of places in mind you could find the perfect cruise to suit you. 

Krakow, Poland 
Quite a few people I know have visited Poland recently and they've all said what a wonderful place Krakow is; I've heard that it's very cheap when you get there and there's lots to see and do. It also gives me the opportunity to visit Auschwitz which has been a place I've always wanted to see. 

Have you visited any of the places I've listed? What did you think?

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