10 Ways to Annoy Someone You Live With

There may come a time when you feel you really need to get on the nerves of your family member/partner/housemate so I've put together a few ways that you can really grind on their nerves, if just one of these 10 ways doesn't quite get the job done then try doing a couple of them all within the same day, I can guarantee you'll get the reaction you're looking for very soon. Alternatively, you'll probably really relate to this post because there might be that certain someone in your household who does one of more of these things on more than one occasion...


1. Don't ever empty the bin, just keep piling stuff on top of the already over flowing heap of rubbish and just try and squish the lid down as best you can.

2. If you are ever nice enough to empty the bin, make sure you don't replace it with another bag - either drop rubbish into the bottom of the bin (which will make it smell lovely in a few days) or just line up your rubbish on the kitchen side.

3. Make sure you eat all the nice food and never replace any of it.

4. Leave rubbish lying around in every room of the house - just think of it as 'marking your territory'

5. Let your mucky plates and cutlery mount up in the sink - never wash them and definitely don't even think about scraping the plates before you put them in there.

6. Always make sure you put empty packaging in the fridge - that empty egg box likes to be kept cold

7. Cook food for yourself and don't offer anyone else any. Similarly, don't ever say thanks when your house mate/partner/family member is nice enough to make you food.

8. If you're a bloke, always leave the toilet seat up or even better, leave the seat down but make sure you pee all over it.

9. Don't put things back in the fridge where they belong, leave them on the side for them to go all warm, everyone likes warm lettuce...

10. If you use the last toilet roll don't put another on the holder - just watch the next person struggle when they've already done their stuff before realising there's no toilet roll left.

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