Bionsen Caring Touch Aluminium Free Roll On Review

To me, roll on deodorant was one of those products that I never gave a second glance, as far as I was concerned gone are the days that i'd be swiping anything like that under my arms. I used to use roll on deodorant when I was at 'that age' where sweat became a problem and I remember my mum used to buy me a roll on called 'Mum' (does that still exist?!) and it was what I used every day up until being about 13 or 14 when I progressed on to spray deodorant. I don't know at what point it became uncool to use roll on but spray was what all the girls at school used so of course I had to follow suit and it's what I've used ever since. Well, that was until I was sent Bionsen Caring Touch* to try.



Formulated with natural minerals, Bionsen Caring Touch* is supposed to be able to neutralise the bacteria which causes the kinds of body smells you don't want to share with other people without using potentially harmful ingredients such as aluminium and parabens. It doesn't stop you sweating because after all it's not an anti-perspirant but it is supposed to keep your under arms cool and bacteria levels to a minimum. It's perfect for those with sensitive skin because it doesn't contain alcohol, aluminium or parabens so the risk of your skin not agreeing with it is greatly reduced (and there's the whole argument about aluminium potentially being a cause of cancer so using this reduces the worry of that, which is always good!).

To me, a good deodorant keeps me smelling sweet for at least 6-8 hours without having to reapply; anything less than that and I just think I might as well not bother because let's be honest we don't wear deodorant for the first few hours out of the shower; deodorant is for stopping stale sweat from offending the noses of your friends/colleagues. I never thought a natural deodorant could do that, I don't know why I just assumed they wouldn't be as good as products containing aluminium etc.

I can confirm that Biosen Caring Touch is pretty damn good; the first time I used it I was sceptical and I won't lie I did put another can of spray deodorant in my bag just in case but I was so pleasantly surprised I even had Jason sniffing my arm pits. Don't judge, I really was that surprised at how nice I was smelling even after 6 hours at work! Yes it's wet when you first put it on and I always make sure I put it on before I start doing my makeup while I'm still sat in my dressing gown which is a bit of a pain but no more of a pain than making sure I don't get white marks from sprays. It dries quickly enough for me and does keep my my under arms cool and feels really 'light'; sometimes sprays feel like they're blocking my pores because they're quite heavy and powdery whereas this roll on is totally different.

Am I a roll-on convert? Probably not just any roll on but Bionsen has got me really pleasantly surprised, the new Caring Touch range is released on 9th March and it will be exclusive to Boots so it's well worth a look when you're in store. 

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