Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A less than traditional Disney Film that you really need to see

This is a truly uplifting, feel good Disney film that I couldn't help but write about on here. I think you'd be forgiven for thinking that all Disney films are cartoons (especially if you're not a massive Disney fan) but this one has all real people with no animation in sight. It's basically the story of how Mary Poppins actually became a Disney film and it tells the story of Pamela Travers who wrote the original book about Mary Poppins.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney with Emma Thompson as Pamela Travers (photo: Disney, 2013)

It takes you back in time to 1961 when the big man himself, Walt Disney, was still alive. Played by Tom Hanks, who bears a surprisingly brilliant likeness to Walt, he invites Mrs Travers (played by Emma Thompson) to California to try and convince her to let him bring Mary Poppins to live on the big screen. Mrs Travers is very dry and straight laced so obviously doesn't appreciate the Disney magic whatsoever and is most worried that Disney would make a complete mockery of her book character. 

Through a parallel plot, where Mrs Travers is shown as a young girl, we learn that her early life wasn't easy and that there was a good reason behind her attitude towards what Disney might do to Mary Poppins. Everything becomes clear as the film progresses and by the end of it the seemingly hard-faced Pamela Travers cracks and Walt Disney finally gets his wish. 

The notion of seeing Walt Disney in action in a film just warms me completely (even though it's obviously not the real Walt) and the Mrs Travers' life journey and the journey they took to eventually get Mary Poppins on screen makes me both smile, jig about and cry in equal measures. For me it's quite simply an unmissable Disney film that isn't talked about enough. It also reminds me how sad I am that Walt Disney can't be here to see the legacy he has left. 

What's your favourite Disney Film?

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