Monday, 9 March 2015

The Body Shop Wish List + Discount Code

There's no better time to shop than when there's a discount code available, especially when it's a good one! You'll usually find 10% off codes, sometimes 20% at a push but have a code for a massive 40% which is valid from today (9th March 2015) right until 11am on 12th March so if there's ever a time to stock up on your favourites, now would be it! I haven't had a good Body Shop haul for a good while so I've selected done a little wish list:

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter £12.00 £7.20
I haven't used a cleansing butter for a good while and I feel like I need to give another one a go some time soon, after I saw Kellie raving about it I thought it might be worth a look. 

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder £13.00 £7.80
Even though I have a perfectly good Bourjois chocolate bronzer which I use religiously every day, there's always room to try another isn't there? This comes in a few different shades so there should be one to suit you and from what other bloggers have said this is a good one.

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask £13.00 £7.80
You know that I love a good clay mask and I've tried the Seaweed moisturiser and quite liked it so I'm quite keen to give this one a go as it sounds perfect for my combination skin.

Banana Shampoo £4.50 £2.70
I love a gorgeous smelling shampoo and this one sounds like it would do a great job of clarifying my greasy hair.

Cocoa Body Butter £13.00 £7.80
An old favourite of mine. I always remember using my mums when we went on family holidays and I absolutely loved the smell; it keeps skin hydrated without being overly greasy and it smells gorgeous.

Total: £55.50 £33.30

So if I was to buy everything on my wish list I'd save a massive £22.20 with the discount code which I think is pretty impressive! Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up (15th March) so if your mum's got any Body Shop faves now would be the time to grab them because there's still just under a week for them to be delivered. 

The discount code you need to use to get your 40% off is 14665 (use it at the checkout)

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