Sunday, 8 March 2015

The M Kitchen at Morrisons HQ

When someone sends you an email to ask if you want to go and taste food you don't say no do you? I was kindly invited to an afternoon of food and wine at Morrisons HQ in Bradford so it would have been rude not to have gone! For me, Morrisons has kind of revolutionised the way supermarkets are presented; instead of having rows and rows of boring aisles they introduced Market Street which does make it a more pleasant place to shop. I did a few studies on Morrisons when I was at university so it  was really interesting for me to see Morrisons HQ and to have a chat to some of the people that work there. I tried a selection of their new foods and some wine which the head of wine operations had paired with the food (very posh, I know!)

The fillet beef was undoubtedly my favourite food on the table (and everyone elses favourite judging by how the quickly the board cleared!) It was slow roasted and then garnished with parmesan and rocket. Not a combination you'd necessarily think of but it worked really, really well! There was a selection of cold continental meat, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, prawns as well as flavoured cous cous, creamy coleslaw and new potatoes to accompany. 

 The Douro red wine went down really well with the group, it's part of the Morrisons Signature range of wines which are priced around £7.99 per bottle. I've never really drank wine paired with food (purely because I'm a bit clueless as to what goes with what) but the manager of wine operations told us that this red was perfect with red meat or with a chunk of strong cheese which is what came next...

The chef had included some fancy butter; one made with truffle oil and another with black peppercorns and although this isn't available in stores it was nice to try something different. The cheese is obviously all widely available throughout stores, I'm not a lover of really strong cheese so I left the blue stuff alone but brie is my absolute favourite - I could eat that by the bucket load and the Morrisons one was particularly creamy. 

Even though we were pretty much all absolutely full as eggs, we all managed to fit in a piece of lemon tart; I love lemon based puddings because they also act as a bit of a palette cleanser when you've eaten loads of rich food. I absolutely loved the whole experience at the M Kitchen; every member of staff I came into contact with was so pleasant and it was just an absolute pleasure to be a part of. I can honestly say that it's one of the best organised events I've ever attended and although I didn't get to meet any other bloggers, the people I did meet were lovely!

Most of what I tasted is available in Morrisons stores and you can also shop online at . However, if you've never visited a Morrisons store I highly recommend that you check them out even if it's just to have a look at their unique Market Street set up.

Have you got a Morrisons near you?

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