The Wet Brush Review

Having a bad hair day can really set a day off to a really bad start; I know that if my hair won't co-operate in a morning I end up losing my rag and it'll just go up in some sort of crap scraped back look (and I'm cursing the fact that I've probably washed it the night before for no apparent reason because I'm not wearing it down) so I like to use products that are going to minimise the risk of waking up with crap hair. 


Just recently I've got back into using the Schwarzkopf Ultime Omega Repair shampoo and conditioner* (£4.99 each, Boots)and it's actually been working better for me this time than it did last time for some weird reason (probably because I'm being less lazy and making sure I actually rinsed properly every after the minor problems I had last time I used it). Using the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair so soft and smelling salon fresh which is always nice. I've also been enjoying using the Omega Repair Beauty Balm* from the same range; it's been really nice to use something which helps to tame frizz and keep my hair soft without piling a load of silicone serum on. Although it does still contain some silicone ingredients, it's nowhere near as heavy as some of the serums i've used in the past and I don't worry about overloading my hair with it. In fact, I could use this before and after drying with absolutely no worries at all. 

As much as I've been loving my shampoo/conditioner/balm routine lately, I can't tell you how much I have been absolutely astounded by how good the Wet Brush* is. I'll be totally honest and say that when I was sent it I didn't have very high expectations at all, I think it was to do with the design of the logo. That is so shallow of me I know, but it just looked like one of those JML things that promises to do wonders and s*** cucumbers when in reality it's just a bog standard brush. But oh-em-gee. I can see why this is the number 1 hairbrush in America because it is bloody amazing. You can use it wet or dry and I've found that it works just as well either way; this thing is so good at getting rid of knots and tangles without pulling your hair out of your head. Honestly, if you struggle with knotty hair, you need to put this at the top of your list to buy because it is absolutely incredible. I don't say this about many things but I really do 100% recommend this. It's available from lots of places but it's £8.99 on Fragrance Direct which I think is an amazing price for such a good product. 

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