Thursday, 2 April 2015

Finding the perfect bikini when you have big boobs

Holiday preparation has begun so I've started the task which I dread every year - Bikini shopping. Even though I've lost weight I still don't appear to have Having DD+ size boobz I find it quite difficult to get bikinis which are comfortable, supportive and pretty. I'm really particular with the fit of the cup and I really hate pants which are too skimpy. I can't do triangle bikinis or even paired up sets that come in size 8, 10 etc. for 2 reasons: if they come in a set with top and bottom I could never get the right size because I'd need a 16/18 on top for my boobs and then a size 12 for my bum, if they're mix and match I usually find that triangle type tops offer absolutely zilch in the support department. So, that leaves me with the shops which cater for DD+ boobs of which they're aren't actually many! 

Last year I got both my bikinis from Boux Avenue (I posted about one of them here) and they were both comfy and really pretty, I thought. However, since I went on holiday last year I've lost more weight so they're both too big for me now. After trying on loads of different types of bikini tops, I've realised that I much prefer underwiring and a little bit of padding (not loads of padding, no 'boost' needed here, I have enough thank you very much!). I find that the best places are: Boux Avenue; not only because they tick all the boxes in the top department, they also tend to have a choice of different matching bottoms depending on what style you like. Debenhams has a really wide selection of DD+ styles from a range of brands and finally Asda are a great option if you're on a tight budget because they have some nice fitting, pretty styles. The only problem with Asda is they seem to have an issue with stock because every time I find a bikini I like, it's out of stock... it's only just April, Y U NO HAVE STOCK?!

Anyway without further ado, I've put together a small wishlist of styles which I think would be a flattering and comfortable fit on me...

Can you empathise with my problem?! Surely it shouldn't this hard to find a bikini with the correct support without being completely ugly!

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