Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to choose the right type of camera for you

I see so many people asking on Twitter, especially during various blogger chats, what kind of camera they should be using for blogging. It seems to me that lots of people think that you need a DSLR to be a 'proper' blogger but that could honestly not be further from the truth. There are so many different options for any budget when it comes to photography and just because you're not spending £1000 on a massive piece of kit, it doesn't mean that your photos will be any worse than someone who has every photography gadget under the sun. I'm no photography expert, but I'm hoping this post might help you decide what you really need. 

Mobile Phone 
I consciously put 'mobile phone' instead of iPhone because I'm aware that not everyone is an Apple junkie like me but regardless of make, lots of phones nowadays have absolutely brilliant cameras which, if used properly, can turn out some fantastic photos. Gone are the days when all you got from a phone camera was a blurry, grainy photo... some of the biggest bloggers sometimes use their phone for pictures because not only is it more convenient, readers often can't tell the difference between phones and DSLR! Knowing how to use your phone camera to its full potential is half the battle already won so make sure you scout out some tips and tricks kinds of posts on Pinterest, I could honestly spend hours flicking through them; I've learnt so much that I would have never figured out on my own! 

Point and Shoot 
This is where most people start, I've had a couple of different point and shoots in different price ranges, this article tells you exactly what you should be looking for as well as which ones are the best on the market at the moment.  If you're thinking of taking blogging to the next level and breaking into YouTube it would also be a good idea to consider how good the video camera is because you could then use it for vlogging and photography, killing two birds with one stone. If you're a little more on the clumsy side and you need a camera that's going to be a little more robust or you know you're going to be taking photos in rugged outdoorsy situations (or even underwater shots!) then it might be worth you looking at something like a Panasonic Lumix camera*. Depending on which one you go for these can be used to take some absolutely beautiful underwater shots which is something I've always fancied doing myself, it would make for some interesting blog posts! 

I was going to include bridge cameras in this post but then I looked at the prices and realised that they can actually be really expensive so I personally would rather just go for a full DSLR. I have a Nikon D3100 which is just under £300 on Amazon but there are obviously other newer models from both Nikon and Canon (the two brands which spring to mind when I think of DSLR cameras). In some ways I wish I'd have hung off and gone for the Canon EOS 700D because although it's a little more expensive at just over £400 it is brilliant for doing videos because it has a pull out screen which swivels round so you can see yourself and it has continuous auto focus which I don't think the Nikon D3100 has.

Having said all that, if you don't know how to use a DSLR then there's no point in getting one really, and it takes a lot of time to understand how they work. I know for a fact I don't use mine to even half of its full potential and I would imagine that I can get equally as good photos on a point and shoot as I can on my DSLR as it stands at the moment. As with iPhone photography, I think online tutorials are definitely your friend and I know that I really need to practise what I preach and get reading!

What do you use to take most of your photos?

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