Monday, 13 April 2015

See my face, hear me talk & Myths/Misconceptions about losing weight

After a couple of failed attempts at YouTube I'm finally giving it a proper good go and I can 100% say that I'm absolutely loving making videos. They're not fancy in any way, they're just me being me in front of a camera. I've done two so far; a Primark Haul and I've just done a video about Weightloss Myths and Misconceptions, I'm also in the middle of doing a weekly vlog so you could say I've jumped in with both feet.

I'm really like being able to express myself in a different way and finally having the confidence to sit in front of a camera really feels good. My accent might do your head in a bit because it is quite a broad Yorkshire one but please go and have a look, if it's not your thing then just click off but I'd really love it if you just gave my channel a go!

p.s. This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning my blog, at all. Quite the opposite actually because I have lots of posts planned for this week!

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