Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How to make your eyelashes grow

I'm always quite sceptical when it comes to products with big claims but there's always a part of me that really wants them to work so when I was asked if I wanted to try a product which promised to help my condition my lashes to promote growth, reduce breakage and just give me better lashes in general I obviously had to have a go with it. The brand in question is one that I hadn't heard of before; Lilash. This purified eyelash serum 'conditions and fortifies your eyelash follicle' to give you the most beautiful, long and full lashes you've ever had. Sound good, right?

I won't lie, I'm always a little worried about putting new products on my eyes because I'm worried I'll have some kind of reaction to it but I was assured that Lilash was suitable for sensitive eyes and I looked up any of the possible side effects and there was nothing to worry about too much; they have a  90 day money-back guarantee so if you do experience any adverse reaction you can stop using it immediately and send it back to get your money back which is a great little insurance policy.

Lilash eyelash serum

The way you apply Lilash is a little different to what I was expecting; anything to do with lashes I just assume it's going to be applied with a mascara wand but this is actually applied more like eyeliner on your top lash line. For the first 3 months of application you put it on every day (I do it before bed) and then after the 'induction period' you can reduce application to 3 times per week to maintain your lashes. I have the 'Demi' version which contains one 3 month cycle worth of product which makes it perfect for anyone wanting to try Lilash but who doesn't want to commit to a full 9 month cycle (which includes an additional 6 months of product for maintenance).

So I've been applying Lilash since the end of January and I've just come to the end of my first 3 month cycle (with some product to spare, which I'm really pleased about) and I am absolutely astounded by the results. I honestly never thought I'd see the results I've seen after 3 months, a picture speaks a thousand words so here's a before and after so you can see for yourself:

Lilash before and after photo

As you can see my lashes have grown A LOT and not that you can tell from the photo but they are also in much better condition. I very rarely have any lashes falling out even when removing eye makeup and they just feel a lot more supple (who knew an eyelash could be supple?!). I have one very thin coat of Maybelline Great Lash on the bottom photo just to colour my lashes so you could see how much they've actually grown, the next step for me now is to get my lashes tinted because if I did that I probably wouldn't have to wear mascara during the day at all.

I've had so many people asking me if my eyelashes are fake (because they're so long) and even Jason has commented on how long they are (which in itself is enough for me to know that I'm not just seeing things). So I would, without doubt, recommend Lilash in a heartbeat. Whether you've damaged your lashes through wearing false ones or they're just not as long as full as you'd like I would highly recommend at least trying the Demi tube. It's not a cheap product at £53.93 but as I always say, I don't mind paying for anything if it works and when you work out the monthly cost it actually only works out at £17.98 per month. I'm so, so pleased with my lashes now; I absolutely love how long and full they are! If you want to try this for yourself you can buy it direct from the Lilash website with free delivery and don't forget that if it doesn't work for you, they have a 90 day money back guarantee (that's confidence in your product right there!)

Have you ever used Lilash, what do you think of my results?

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