Meat Market Covent Garden Review

You might remember my post a bit ago raving about my experience at Meat Liquor Leeds so naturally when I went to London the other day I wanted to get myself some more burger goodness so the next step for me was to try Meat Market in Covent Garden. Meat Market is part of the Meat Liquor chain but it's even more of a no-frills experience; which I didn't think could be possible but it is, and it works. 


It's in quite an odd place if you ask me, although it's classed as Covent Garden it's not very 'visible' to tourists I don't think so I like to think of it as a bit of a hidden gem. It's round the back of Jubilee Market Hall on tavistock street, nestled right in so you have to keep your eyes peeled. As I say, it's completely no frills dining and it's probably the closest ever come to 'communal dining' which seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment. You go up some stairs and through the doors to be met by what can only be described by me as a an American road diner in central London. Wooden tables and chairs laid out in a straight line across the back of the room with bottled sauces and kitchen roll at the ready. The concept is simple and the service is minimal; the full menu is on the wall as you walk in, you find your seat and then order at the bar then you wait for your name to be called over a tannoy and you collect it from the end of the bar.



I went for a bacon cheeseburger (£8.50) with a side of cheese fries (£4.50) and a bottomless soda (£2.50). I didn't wait long but in between times I went up to the soda machine, filled up my paper cup, sat back down and just took in the atmosphere. I always associate London with being quite unfriendly but this place was so unpretentious, as a lone diner I didn't feel out of place at all because I could see at least another 3 people in the exact same boat. 

When my meal came (which only took around 10 minutes) I was unsurprised by the simplicity of it; I've already mentioned my paper cup but my meal was served on a tray with a wrapped burger and cheese fries in a foil tray - it was everything I was expecting and more. 




The portion size certainly didn't disappoint and the burger was even messier than the one I had in Leeds which I didn't think was possible but honestly it was everywhere and near impossible to eat with my hands but I managed it and I savoured every single mouth full. A medium cooked thick beef patty with bacon, pickles, cheese, onions, lettuce, ketchup and mustard; it was greasy, it was saucy and it was absolutely gorgeous. I knew it was getting all round my mouth as I was eating it, there really is no lady like way to eat these burgers but to be honest if you're looking for civilised food Meat Market isn't the place for you. 

The fries were as amazing as I remembered them in Meat Liquor; covered in cheese with the added bonus of grated onion. Along with he burger, I could honestly eat them every day of the week (at the risk of becoming the size of a house). It's ever so slightly cheaper than it's Liquor counterpart but every single bit as good so if you're in London and you're looking for a quick, no frills meal which is both filling and capable of satisfying any burger craving then Meat Market is definitely worth seeking out. You'd think after the 3rd time of visiting a Meat Liquor eatery I'd try something different but to be honest when the burgers are this good, not a chance. 

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