How to Find the Best Cheap Holiday Deals

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I was joking with my friend the other week saying that we should set up a travel agency because we have both been finding and booking flights and holidays for our friends and family just recently so here we go with a feature that I'm going to make a regular thing on here because let's face it everybody loves a holiday but we don't always have the cash to spend a fortune on one. There's nothing better than lying under an umbrella on a sunny beach with the sound of waves crashing against the sand and the smell of sea air but finding and choosing a holiday which is right for you can be a bit of a minefield so I'm hoping to help you find the best cheap beach holidays.


Useful Websites

There's a few websites which I can definitely recommend when it comes to beach holidays; the aptly named offers some great beach holidays at very affordable prices. There's some amazing deals to be had on family hotels at family friendly prices such as resorts in Egypt with water parks within the resort. Prices range from the low £300's to the mid £400's per person. could be mistaken for being a 'last minute deals only' kind of website but they offer cheap beach holidays all year round to destinations like Turkey, the Algarve and Tenerife which are stunning places for adults only to relax but they also have lots of fun things to do for children. 

Travel Supermarket is an excellent site to use when looking for a holiday, you can select your desired dates, destination and even your budget and it will do all the searching for you to come up with the best deals for your holiday. It even tells you if cheap holidays are available just outside your set dates which is great if you have a little bit of flexibility. Try it yourself at

Beach holidays aren't just about the beach

There are beautiful beaches all around the med, so chances are you'll be spoilt for choice when looking for your 2015 holiday; which is why it's important to look at what's around the beach. Some beach holiday locations offer much more to do for adults and children alike, whether that be beach and sea activities such as water sports, or tourist hot spots nearby for example waterparks, historical towns or local excursions. Make sure the beach isn't the only reason you're choosing a location because if it is, a couple of days in you may find yourself without much to do (especially if you have a young family!).

Most popular cheap beach holiday locations

Spain offer some great cheap beach holidays such as Majorca and lots of great locations in the Malaga area. If you're looking to Barcelona for your Spanish getaway, expect to pay a little more, but if you keep your eyes peeled you can find some great deals throughout the year.

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