Friday, 14 August 2015

A few of my favourite things

It's been a while since I've done a proper favourites post on Girl Up North and I got to thinking the other day and realised that there was definitely a few products which stand out from the crowd that I've been going for again and again just recently. Aside from the haircare products that I mentioned the other day, here are some of my current beauty favourites:

Bath & Body Works Champagne Sparkle Hand Sanitiser (£1.99, eBay)- I know it's kind of annoying when bloggers mention stuff that you can't get hold of easily here in the UK but these little hand sanitisers are actually widely available on places like eBay and they're not too extortionately priced. I bought 5 when I went to Florida in May and I've been using them really sparingly so I have enough to last me until my America trip in October. This Champagne Sparkle one is gorgeously sweet and has little sparkly bits in which magically disappear when you rub your hands together. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector (£19.00, Boots) - I've been loving this for a good while now and I realise that I need to buy the full size because it's my go-to lip product for casual wear; it's barely there but leaves a lovely sheen on the lips and keeps them feeling soft and moist. 

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Oil Cleanser (£11.00, The Body Shop) - This is my second bottle, and I love everything about it. It melts away makeup including eye makeup (although it does sting a bit if you get it in your actual eye, I don't recommend that), it's gentle and my skin reacts really well to it and it's in a pump bottle which makes for perfectly simple dispensing. Winner!

Naked Basics 2 Palette (£20.70, Feel Unique) - I'd toyed with the idea of this for a long time because I'd heard it was better than the first Basics palette for people with fair skin. I snapped this up from Beauty Bay for an absolute bargain of about £13 and I've never looked back; I wear it almost every day and I honestly didn't think matte shades could work well for me but they really do with this palette. 

MAC lipsticks (Twig & Velvet Teddy) (£15.50, MAC Cosmetics)- I fell out of love with MAC lippies for a while because they put the price up and I realised that you could get equally as nice lipsticks for a lot less money but then Twig and Velvet Teddy came into my life and I had to change my opinion because these two shades are my go-to ones 8/10 times that I wear lipstick. I love Twig for going out and I love Velvet Teddy for more casual wear, yep they're expensive for what they are but these are an absolute must for me in my collection.

YSL Black Opium Perfume (£38.00, Fragrance Direct)- I wrote about this when I bought it with my Quidco cashback and I've loved it ever since. I'm trying to use it carefully because I'm running out fast and I really want to be able to buy another bottle with my next lot of cashback because then it feels free, haha! It's a quite a strong but beautiful scent, especially for night time, it's the perfect floral oriental fragrance I think.

What's on your list of favourite things at the moment?

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