Friday, 25 September 2015


Perricone MD has been a brand that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while now, so when I finally got to try something from their No Makeup Skincare range I was proper excited to see what it was like. 

The idea behind the No Makeup Skincare range is that it isn't about just putting a blanket colour on top of your skin, it's about giving you a better version of your own skin by brightening and diffusing imperfections. It's versatile enough to be able to use to conceal, prime and highlight whilst also providing a high factor of sun protection (SPF 35).

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer* £29.00 (Beauty Expert)

It comes in a simple but classic metallic looking tube with a traditional doe-foot applicator, Perricone MD is all about the science behind good products rather than presenting them in fussy packaging and I think this reflects that perfectly. 

The first thing that strikes me about this concealer is that it has quite a strong smell to it which I'm not used to in makeup products; it smells medicated but that does disappear when you've applied it. The consistency is silky and not too thick so it is perfect for using around the eyes and on spots which may have gone a bit dry. The fact that it's 'one fits all' won't appeal to everyone obviously but for my skin colour it's pretty good, I just can't use it for highlighting because I don't think it's light enough. 

I actually have found that my favourite use for this is as an eye primer, because it's silky smooth and provides a really good base for eye shadow. I have tried it for covering blemishes but the coverage just isn't enough for me especially when I'm having a bad day although as I say it works brilliantly around the eyes for dark circles and also for concealing minor imperfections. 

It's by no means cheap at £29.00 but it's skincare and anti-ageing properties makes it much more than a regular concealer and it's versatile enough to do a number of different jobs in your makeup routine so when you look at it like that it's actually quite good value and there's actually 18% off on the Beauty Expert Website today with the code BEAUTY18

Do you have a favourite high-end concealer?

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