White Chocolate Vodka by Warnicks

I've always fancied myself as a little bit of a drinks connoisseur so when I heard about this new White Chocolate Vodka I was all over it. I love experimenting with different concoctions and this sounded absolutely perfect for putting in loads of different drinks or even just for drinking on ice as a bit of a dessert style drink.


If you've ever had a nana or a mum offer you a Snowball at Christmas then chances are you've drank another drink by Warnicks in the form of Advocaat (creamy yellow egg drink which you mix with lemonade); I always loved a good Snowball so I had high hopes for this little beauty. 

It smells absolutely devine, with a hint of mint which makes it a little less sickly and creamy than it would be without it. Firstly, I tried it over ice which was absolutely amazing, if you like Bailey's and drinks like that then drinking this neat will definitely be up your street. However, if you don't like the idea of drinking it straight then topped up with lemonade is equally as amazing. Chocolate and lemonade does sound like an odd combination, I know, but it really does work. It's so smooth and easy to drink and it actually feels like you're drinking a cocktail which is way more complicated than simply adding 2 ingredients. 

I bought my bottle from Morrisons and it's actually on offer at £8 rather than £15 but you can also buy it at Asda (currently selling at full price as of 25/7/2016). 


What to Buy at Bath and Body Works

In case you hadn't heard, I love America.

The people, the sights and possibly most importantly - the shopping. They have lots of amazing brands and shops which aren't available in the UK and one of the most talked about of those in the blogging community is probably Bath & Body Works. I'd be very surprised if you've never heard of them but they're basically Gods of fragrance on the American high street. As the name would suggest, they stock products to use in the bath and on your body - with a few extras thrown in there like candles and room sprays all in the most amazing range of scents I've ever seen.

They do a few different collections of scents but they're basically split into two for the most part: signature and seasonal. The signature stuff is what's available all year round, a good example of a signature scent is 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' which incidentally, is one of my favourites. Whereas the seasonal scents are available for a limited time and different ones are usually released 3/4 times per year; I was going to say what my favourite season is for scents but I genuinely don't think I could pick because they bring out some amazing fragrances every time.

Anyway, onto what you should be buying from Bath & Body Works. Hopefully this brief guide may cut down your visit time a little... or maybe not (to be honest in the few minutes I've spent on the website I've seen new fragrances that I know I'd spend ages smelling in store so if you're in store for the first time... good luck!)


Shower Gel

I'll start by saying that it does pay to take advantage of the offers when you're there because individual prices can seem quite expensive and this goes for anything; not just shower gels. In store, they'll generally do 3 for $24 dollars or something like that so essentially you're getting one free if you buy 2.


Hand Sanitizers

These little guys are probably the things you'll see most people coming back from Bath & Body Works with; they come in loads of different scents both from their permanent ranges and also seasonal scents. I always buy plenty when I go because they're don't take up much room in your suitcase and you could have some in your hand luggage if you wanted because they're under 100ml. They're $1.75 each or 5 for $6 and you can also buy little holders which you can hang off your bag or a belt loop. They smell absolutely divine and they obviously serve a purpose as an anti-bacterial. 


These are hands down the best hand washes I've ever tried in terms of scent and feel on your hands. The formula is so gentle on your hands and the foaming element makes it feel so soft when you're washing. This hand wash doesn't leave your hands feeling 'squeaky' clean it makes them feel refreshed and smelling good!

So if you're really pushed for time in Bath & Body Works these are the 3 product ranges I'd personally look at but in all honesty if you can afford to, set aside a good hour for shopping in there because it's absolutely unreal, why they don't have one in the UK is beyond me!

Striking a Work Life Balance

I realised a few months ago that a 'Quarter Life Crisis' is a thing, a real thing that I think I've experienced (and probably still am experiencing the effects of a little bit). I felt like my life had reached a stalemate where I no longer felt challenged by my job; I'd totally lost my spark for it was making me feel like I was failing at life basically. I wasn't, at all but that was how I felt and I knew something had to change.

Since October my life has been a bit of a whirlwind really and it's gone so fast I've not really had time to catch up and actually process the changes I've gone through. I've got a new job in a school which is something I've wanted to do for a long time but never had the confidence to actually apply for any jobs because I didn't have any experience. I'm still working in the pub so I very rarely get any real time to myself and when I do I spend it sleeping but I'm determined to try and set aside some time for the hobby I love - blogging. 


You might have noticed that I've been absent from Twitter (that was definitely a good thing during the referendum!!) and obviously I've not posted on here for a long, long time but I really do want that to change even if I just set myself little goals of joining in with some twitter chats and posting once or twice per week; I also want to get back to reading other people's blogs because I really enjoyed that too. For now, I'm not promising the earth because I need to work this 'making time for myself' thing out first but I will try and be more visible - I miss the community and I miss writing and I can't wait to see what you've all been up to!