White Chocolate Vodka by Warnicks

I've always fancied myself as a little bit of a drinks connoisseur so when I heard about this new White Chocolate Vodka I was all over it. I love experimenting with different concoctions and this sounded absolutely perfect for putting in loads of different drinks or even just for drinking on ice as a bit of a dessert style drink.


If you've ever had a nana or a mum offer you a Snowball at Christmas then chances are you've drank another drink by Warnicks in the form of Advocaat (creamy yellow egg drink which you mix with lemonade); I always loved a good Snowball so I had high hopes for this little beauty. 

It smells absolutely devine, with a hint of mint which makes it a little less sickly and creamy than it would be without it. Firstly, I tried it over ice which was absolutely amazing, if you like Bailey's and drinks like that then drinking this neat will definitely be up your street. However, if you don't like the idea of drinking it straight then topped up with lemonade is equally as amazing. Chocolate and lemonade does sound like an odd combination, I know, but it really does work. It's so smooth and easy to drink and it actually feels like you're drinking a cocktail which is way more complicated than simply adding 2 ingredients. 

I bought my bottle from Morrisons and it's actually on offer at £8 rather than £15 but you can also buy it at Asda (currently selling at full price as of 25/7/2016). 


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