Skinny Bakery Low Syn Sweet Treats

As a Slimming Worlder I'm constantly on the lookout for my next low syn sweet treat so when my friend introduced me to The Skinny Bakery I knew I had to order some bits to try. The whole idea behind Skinny Bakery is one which I love; founded in 2013 by a home baker called Mariella who experimented endlessly to find the tastiest recipes containing a fraction of the calories. The fact that her business has gone from strength to strength speaks volumes of how nice the stuff must be so it'd be rude not to order selection of their sweet treats. 


They do a 'Not So Skinny Bakery Box' which contains one of each of their 8 product range and it's only £19.99 so I figured that'd be a good place to start if I was seeing what I liked. The box contains:

Sweet Potato Brownies
Mini Coconut Bites
Chocolate Pearls
Beetroot Pearls
Mini Flapjacks
Mini Gingerbread Men
Choc Chip Cookies
Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies

I've picked out 4 of my favourites from the selection which I can 100% recommend to you if you're looking for some low syn/low calorie sweet treats. You can of course buy each of these separately at £2.99 per pot. 

PLEASE NOTE: All syn values are approximate; calculated by the fact that 20 calories equals 1 syn.


Skinny Chocolate Pearls (208 calories/10.5 syns per full pot) are like squdigy mini cupcakes with a thick chocolate sauce in the middle which is actually made from low fat yoghurt. They're perfectly moist and the chocolate yoghurt frosting just gives the texture a little bit of something different. 

Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies (141 calories/7 syns per full pot) I think I'm going to declare these my favourite; although they look lighter brown than the other chocolatey bits, I think they actually taste the most chocolatey. They're crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside which is exactly how a meringue should taste in my opinion!



Skinny Choc Chip Cookies (187 calories/9.5 syns per full bag) I expected these to be hard cookies but I was so pleasantly surprised to find that these are actually soft and silky. They've got the sweetness just right with these and they're so perfect with a cuppa. 

Skinny Sweet Potato Brownies (189 calories/9.5 syns per full bag) I'll start by saying that these taste nothing like sweet potato; they're made with dates to sweeten them and they're soft and squidgy just as a brownie should be... they only trouble with them is that they're not big enough!

Admittedly, I didn't like everything in the box but the whole point of getting a selection was to see what I preferred and it was no surprise that the chocolate products came out on top! You can scoff your way through full packs of these with zero guilt because you know you're not consuming high amounts of calories, sugar and fat and they actually taste really, really good which is a revelation... a taste sensation!

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