Women's Contour Razor for Easy Shaving

Hair removal is a definite #girlproblem for those of us who wish to get rid of unwanted fluff, I approach summer with a sense of dread for the months in which I have to shave my legs on a regular basis because it's just such a pain. I did think I'd found my 'Holy Grail' of razors in the Gillette Venus range with the shave gel bar built in; I flitted to others when they were on offer but I've always gone back to Gillette. Until a razor with 6 blades was brought to my attention. 

You may be wondering what difference that extra blade makes, well I'll tell you that the more blades generally the smoother the shave. Have you ever noticed that most good mens razors have loads of blades? Well that's because more blades make it as gentle and close on their little faces so why shouldn't we have the same for our fuzz?? 

Anyway, enter the Dorco EVE 6.


On the face of things it looks just like any other normal razor and you'd be right, it's not dissimilar to loads of razors on the market in terms of the handle but there's a couple of features which do sort the ladies from the girls of the razor world:



- 6 blades split into a 3 blade format to help contour your bodyshape
- A brush finger on the head to help massage and raise hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave

- A Moisturising band with Aloe and Vitamin E to protect sensitive skin

- A flexible head which moves to the contours of your body

As you can see the Dorco looks quite a bit different to the Wilkinson Sword one which has 5 blades all together and the head doesn't move at all which doesn't make shaving impossible obviously but the additional little features of the Dorco really do make shaving so much easier. I think that the moving head makes a massive difference with how smooth the shave feels; there's absolutely no dragging and no nicks and cuts around the usual areas (ankles and knees) and it makes underarm shaving an absolute dream because it's so quick.

The final little gem about Dorco razors is that they offer them as a subscription service so I'll no longer be waiting for my blades to be on offer because the Dorco Eve 6 is so reasonably priced I can't afford not to snap it up!

To buy the Dorco Eve 6 on it's own with 1 blade it's £4.55 but for £5.45 you get a handle and 4 blades! I must have read that about 6 times on the website because I can't believe how affordable it is considering I usually pay around £15 for 4 blades! You can set the subscription for as often as monthly or push it to 6 monthly depending how often you shave which I think is brilliant because not only is it really affordable it also means you should never be caught short of razors.

I can't rave about this enough, just at least go check out the Dorco Razors website.

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