Lush Christmas Collection

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that recently I've rekindled my love for Lush, and my timing couldn't have been better. On October 1st they launched their Christmas collection so I made a point of going to the store near where I work to have a look at this years selection of bath bombs and other festive bits and pieces. Even though it was a good 2 months until Christmas I couldn't help but feel a bit festive while I was browsing the shop. This is going to be a photo heavy post and I'll let them speak for themselves.


A gold, sparkly bubble bar on a cinnamon stick with red ribbon on and a bell wrapped around it, seriously, could you get anymore stereotypically Christmas - I love it!


Eeek! Father Christmas - my favourite Christmas Eve bath bomb.


It's not all about Christmas yet at Lush though, there's still the Halloween bits hanging around obviously because we aren't even at the end of October but I love the fact that the whole store is filled with seasonal bits - just another reason why autumn/winter is my fave!



I finally bought myself some Fun! Even at 25 who says that playdough in the bath can't still be fun?!


I bought one of these after seeing that Louise Pentland really liked it and it really is like present because you don't know what's inside it until you put it in the bath.


Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about bubble bars on a stick... 


I do wish it showed enough in the UK to make actual snow angels but until it does I'll have to make do with a bath bomb.


Last but not least, a collection of bottles of Snow Fairy varying in size... I think you could say it goes something like fanatical, lover and first time buyer haha.

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