Monday, 4 September 2017


September is that month when I always feel obliged to stock up on new stationery; old habits die hard and going back to school always meant a bag full of fresh stationery stuff. I seem to spend my life window shopping on Typo so I thought I'd do an actual wish list and make anyone aware of this online bazaar of amazingness who hasn't already discovered it.

A4 Spinout Notebook £3.50 (4 for £8 mix & match)
I probably definitely have too many note books but the designs on these are too good to pass up, I picked this one because, well: it's Disney, but there are loads to choose from and when they're 4 for £8 it'd be rude not to buy 4.

I actually really like the idea of a hard plastic folder that clips at the side, i've never seen anything like it before I don't think; I've usually just gone with ring binders or plastic wallets. The 'mundane tasks and master plans' print is just an added bonus.

I'm becoming a teeny bit obsessed with bullet journalling (you should see my Pinterest board it's brimming!) and this looks like the perfect kind of journal to accommodate all your journalling needs and it's A4 which means there's more room!

Because Disney.

I do love a compartment so I can keep things organised and separate and I really like the design of this one (although if this one isn't your style there are lots to choose from).

It's rose gold and sequinned. What's not to like. 

Staplers are forever going missing in my office but I'd definitely see this attractive beast if it went walkabout!

A llama pencil sharpener. Everyone would be jealous. They'd all want one.

Side note: this is not in association with or sponsored by Typo. I wish it was. But no, I just really, really like what they sell.

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