Buying My First House Solo

Among all the other stuff that happened in my life during 2017 one of the biggest things to happen was I bought my first house. All on my own, mortgage and everything, proper adult stuff. I had lived away from home for 8 years with my ex-husband and I moved back to my mum's in the interim but I was so desperate for my own space. In all honesty all I've ever wanted was my own property because it was something I never had because my name was never on any mortgage etc. even when I was married.

I started looking for property pretty much as soon as I moved back to my mum's because I knew that was the ultimate next step in my life. I already had a deposit ready and I had used various mortgage tools online to estimate the kind of price I'd be able to pay. I looked at lots of 2 bedroomed properties online which were around the price I could afford but I couldn't help thinking that there was always something that I hated about the houses and I knew I wouldn't have a great deal of money for renovations etc.

I decided that given the sales incentives and government help from Help to Buy that a new build was probably the best option and I decided on a 2 bedroomed 'Morden' home from Persimmon...


Mine is the one on the very end, this picture was obviously taken during the building process because I used to house stalk on a weekly basis to see how far on it was. Over the coming weeks I will be publishing a series of posts about the house buying process because I felt soo in the dark when I was buying especially because I was buying on my own so I'd love to be able to answer some of your questions or at least give you a little bit of an idea of what it's like getting on to the property ladder!

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