York Roast Co.Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Review

Established in 2004, the York Roast Co isn't actually a new thing to me in itself because I've been visiting York for a long time and their hot roast sandwiches have always been a favourite of mine when I've looked for something to eat either while I'm shopping or even while I'm out having a few. Roast dinners with all the trimmings have always been a favourite meal of mine so when Yorkshire Pudding wraps became a thing I was all over that and you can imagine my reaction when I was asked if I wanted to go and try one at the new Stonegate store where they have opened up a new seating area...




Unsurprisingly, the shop always has somebody in whether it's for a hot sandwich, a filled yorkshire pudding or what I went for - a Yorkshire Pudding wrap. You can of course take it away but if you want to take a minute to rest your feet, especially after a morning of sightseeing or shopping then the new upstairs seating area is perfect. Space is at a premium in York so it's actually quite nice to see that more places are taking advantage of upstairs space to offer customers somewhere to sit. 


As you can see the seating area is quite simple but theres plenty of tables and chairs and there's a bigger table overlooking Stonegate which is perfect for people watching! It isn't waiter/waitress service so you order your food as you normally would downstairs and take it upstairs on a tray. 


I daresay that this is one of the main things that lures people in - you can see all the meaty goodness through the window so effectively you see exactly what is going into your sandwich or Yorkshire pudding which I think is a real winner and I don't think us Brits can turn down any kind of roast especially when we've not slaved away over it!


The choice of meats is pork, turkey, beef and ham plus lots of little extras like roast potatoes with gravy, stuffing balls and crackling. We both went for beef Yorkshire pudding wraps with all the trimmings (veg, gravy and I had horseradish sauce) with a side of roast potatoes covered in gravy... I'll not lie, getting a photo of this kind of food that does it justice is really quite difficult but I can assure you that it was every bit as tasty as you would expect...





Admittedly it doesn't look the prettiest of things but for me that just screams Yorkshire - no heirs and graces just a good old Yorkshire pudding filled with meat, stuffing, vegetables and gravy. It was surprisingly easy to eat despite the fact that it involved gravy which can be notoriously messy and it was sooo nice! The beef was very lean and tender, the vegetables were cooked to perfection and the gravy was nice and thick (if there's one thing that makes me sad, it's thin gravy!). The Yorkshire pudding of course was the shall we say 'vessel' for all of this and it was amazing! Something different to your usual meat sandwich and it was really filling.

I would 100% recommend The York Roast Co. in a heartbeat and in particular their Yorkshire pudding wraps. They do have other stores in Chester, Shrewsbury and Salisbury so you might not be as far away from a Yorky Pud Wrap as you think!

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