Wednesday, 9 May 2018


As you may have already seen, I recently bought my first house... all on my own, mortgage and all. So my focus has quickly shifted to spending any spare pennies on nice things for my house. Anyone who has a house will know that furnishing and decorating is a gradual thing for most people; I've obviously bought the essentials in terms of appliances, sofas and a bed but it's all the little bits and pieces that make a house a home which I've yet to get hold of yet. So because I spend so much time browsing online for different house-y bits I thought I'd share what I'd found recently from La Redoute as they've got 30% off at the moment with the code SAVE30...

Domeno Ladder Shelf Unit £139.00 £97.30
Because space comes at a bit of a premium in my little 2 bedroomed house this shelf unit/desk is perfect because I could either slot it in a little space downstairs or it would go perfectly in the spare room without taking up so much room. AND it's something a little bit different isn't it!

Quilda Vintage-Style Double-Height End Table £96.00 £67.20
Having somewhere for drinks near the sofa without worrying about knocking them over is an issue at the moment but this little end table looks like the perfect solution because it's small enough just to slot in but also high enough that theres absolute minimal effort to reach for a drink while I'm being totally lazy on the sofa!

Watford Vintage Dining Table £299.99 £210.00 & Bimat Set of 2 Chairs £168.00 £117.60
Believe it or not I still don't have a table and chairs which has resulted in me having to eat my dinner in front of the TV which isn't ideal but this table is quite quirky I think with the black triangle shaped legs - something different to the usual solid wood tables I've seen everywhere!

If any of this takes your fancy you can find it on the La Redoute website but make sure you use the code SAVE30 at the checkout to get prices with 30% off! You can also find loads of different homewares and appliances with various different payment options at

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