10 Reasons Why Brits Moan About the Heat

I'd hazard a guess and say that 90% of the UK population are getting a little bit tired of this heat wave in the UK now; in fact I wouldn't even call it a heatwave anymore because a heatwave is only classed as such if it is hot for a period of 2 consecutive days. I now basically feel like I live in a tropical country; minus some of the things that many people have in that country to try and cope with the heat. I know there's 10% of the population who will say 'stop moaning about the weather, you moan when it's cold and rainy and now look - you're moaning that it's too hot. You can't have it every which way!' Well actually I am well within my rights to moan about the current UK temperature and I shall tell you for why my friend...


1. We do not live in a society where air-conditioning is common in most homes. If we want air conditioning or any kind of cool environment we would have to go and stand in the fridge/freezer aisles of Tesco. All we really have in the UK to keep us cool are fans. Fans which blow around warm air and according to something I read the other day fans also disturb the air around you which can flare up allergies and hayfever. Splendid.

2. Most 'ordinary' people do not have swimming pools in their back yard. I for one would like nothing better than to have a cool pool to jump into but instead we have to make do with tiny paddling pools which, incidentally, are now also like rocking-horse poo on the high street!

3. I don't own enough summer clothing; I basically buy enough summer clothes for a weeks holiday because that's usually as much as I wear anything like shorts but now I'm wearing clothes on a rotational basis just because my choice is so limited without spending a fortune on clothes. Not going to lie I do spend 90% of the time around the house wearing the self same pair of shorts and a vest or t-shirt but going out and about is another issue altogether.

4. Chub rub. I don't care how fat or thin you are, I bet you know what chub rub is and it ain't pretty or comfortable. If you wear anything like dresses, skirts or short shorts which leave the top parts of your legs naked then you will experience chub rub. The less said about it the better but, ergh.

5. I literally do not want to even look at a roast dinner. Roast dinners are my absolute fave and I've now not had one for a good 2/3 months because I just can't face anything gravy based in this weather. All I'm eating is something and salad - just give me some weather that makes me want to load up on ALL the Yorkshire puddings, please!!

6. Still on the subject of food, although I may have been eating mainly salad based meals I've certainly made up for that with the amount of ice cream I have eaten. Over the past 3 months it's been more than I've eaten in the past 3 years. I've never been much of an ice cream lover, truth be told, the odd McFlurry now and again but nothing compares to the cartons upon cartons that I seem to have ploughed through recently. So much so that I have managed to discover that Asda, Tesco and Morrison's mint choc chip ice cream all pretty much looks and tastes the same.

7. The warmth just makes me not want to do anything, I don't want to move but then if I don't move for too long I feel like I'm cooking on the spot... it's like a never ending vicious circle of inescapable hotness. The sun naturally makes you want to get out and about but any lengthy walks in dresses/skirts causes the aforementioned 'chub rub' situation; you just can't win.

8. We have to continue to work in this heat; now there are some employers who are rich and considerate enough to invest in air-con systems but I can safely say that many places don't fall into that bracket and from my experience earlier on this week - B&M Bargains definitely can't afford it because their Doncaster store is HOT (so hot in fact that some of their fridges have packed in - presumably from sucking in all that hot air!). We shouldn't have to do it; I'm one of the lucky ones, I have 6 weeks off but pray for everyone in a non air-conditioned office or other workplace who are sweating their boobs off day in-day-out... and if you work in a kitchen - god help you!

9. I'm just so tired because sleeping is pretty much non-existent in this weather. There is no cold side of the pillow, having your leg out of the bed only serves to leave it open to the creatures living under the bed waiting to grab your exposed limbs and then by the time you've finally found a suitable temperature you're woken up by the birds chirping through the open window and the chink of light through the side of the blackout blind ensures that your hopes of any sleep are well and truly dashed.

10. Being in close proximity to other people becomes unbearable; I mean I'm a little bit anal about my personal space at the best of times but even touching my boyfriend has become limited to holding hands from afar and maybe a 5 minute cuddle with the fan blowing in our direction! I can't imagine how you feel if you've got a baby (or you're pregnant!!) in this weather because, seriously, I question whether I could bare having another person stuck to me day in-day out.

So tell me now, are you part of the 90% who now hate this weather or the 10% who are still absolutely loving it?

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