Water Saving Challenge with Yorkshire Water #reasonstosave

This post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Water

Ok, I'm going to be a typical Brit right now and state the obvious about how stupidly, ridiculously warm it is right now. Showers in this weather are EVERYTHING. Ice cold water in this weather is EVERYTHING. Investing in a sprinkler to water my poor newly-laid turf is... well ok it's not everything but I would quite enjoy nice green grass like my next door neighbour has annoyingly managed to cultivate *insert side-eye emoji*

But (there's always a but). There's 2 reasons why I've got to be careful with how much water I use:
  1. The heatwave has meant that as a country the UK are consuming A LOT more water than usual which will soon dry up our rivers so I feel a kind of personal responsibility not to contribute to that potential shortage which would have a huge impact on wildlife.
  2. I'm all about saving money, I have a water meter which could get very expensive very quickly because I'm charged for every drop of water I use. So I'm now working with Yorkshire Water to challenge myself to reduce my water usage.

The average person uses 140 litres of water per day; Yorkshire Water want to challenge customers to reduce their water consumption to 90 litres per day by following their simple advice on saving water every day and using their free water saving pack which includes 4 simple fittings to help you save water:
  • Showersave - a screw on fitting that should regulate your shower to 8 litres of hot water per minute 
  • Shower timer - does what it says on the tin really, challenges you to only spend 4 minutes in the shower (!!) 
  • Tap Aerator Kit - aerates and reduces the flow from your taps by up to 70%
  • Save-A-Flush - Saves 1.2 litres every time you flush
If your water is provided by Yorkshire Water you can order one of these little water saving packs free of charge!

I've also got a few more tips and tricks that I'll be putting into practice over the next month to see if I can make a difference to my water consumption:

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