The Best Fruit Teas UK

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Talking about tea has to be one of the most stereotypically British blog posts ever but I'm actually not going to talk about your traditional 'English Breakfast Tea', I wanted to talk about the best fruit and other alternative teas out there that I've tried so far. I know sometimes, for whatever reason, you don't fancy a cup of 'normal' tea (and I daresay some people don't actually like it!!) so it's nice to know what's out there for you, should you fancy a hot drink. Some fruit/alternative teas are known for being either tasteless or just plain horrible but after testing a fair few I've come up with my favourites:


This goes a lovely shade of purply-blue when you add hot water and the taste of blueberry really comes through. I've found that one of the tricks to most fruit teas is to make sure you do leave them to stew for around 3 minutes to get the most out of the teabag. 

This one smells absolutely amazing as it's steeping; and tastes just as good. I find this one is a really refreshing tea good for a morning cuppa if you're not feeling coffee or breakfast tea.

I don't think it would be a tea post without including good old Twinings would it? They do hold a Royal Warrant so it's not surprising that this is my go-to peppermint tea of choice. I usually drink peppermint either after a big meal or before bed because I find that it settles my stomach and it's just a nice caffeine-free relaxing kind of tea. 

M&S British Mint and Strawberry Infusion (approx £3.00, available in store)

A recent discovery of mine, these tea bags are what I would refer to as 'posh' ones becuase they're made of really thin meshy material which just makes them a cut above the rest. Obviously you do pay a premium for these types of tea but I really enjoy this one as it's the perfect hybrid between mint and fruit. 

Next on my list for my little collection of teas is to try some loose leaf tea and invest in one of those cute little stump teapots that have a built-in filter.

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