Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

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On Instagram, I've made no secret of the fact that my most hated room in the house is my bathroom; it just feels so drab and boring firstly because I picked totally the wrong colour of tiles; I went for a cream colour because I figured it was neutral and easy to work with but it's just made it so lifeless. Also, Persimmon weren't kind enough to tile all the way around the bath despite the fact that the main bathroom in Morden houses comes with a shower over the bath so clearly you'd need the whole wall protecting, not just some of it.

Anyway, I digress. In terms of renovation, as much as you shouldn't have to do that in a new house, the bathroom is definitely something I would love to inject some life into and here's what I've been considering when planning what I might want to do. When it comes to the value of your home, your bathroom plays a huge role. Bathrooms are no longer used simply to meet practical needs; they’re now a place for relaxing and pampering. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of “me time” and a long soak in the bath?


My Requirements
Before starting any big home renovation task, it’s worth thinking about what you hope to achieve so that you can understand your basic requirements and the space you've got to work with. Obviously my bathroom isn't very big with my house only being two bedroomed so the basics such as the bath, toilet and sink would have to stay in the same places really but I need to take advantage of every bit of space I have for storage. The tiles would be an obvious change I'd make to transform the colour scheme; I'm thinking grey but I also wonder whether that trend is fading. Some patterned tiles might be nice because I've seen some amazing ones in other people's bathrooms.

Cost is a huge element for me and I simply don't have the money to be throwing around on unnecessary things so actually what my renovation would focus on would be making improvements to the existing fixtures. So instead of changing the full bath suite I'd look at a new bath side panel - I've seen some really lovely different shapes and finishes in places like B&Q - they even do ones with built in storage which would be amazing. Also, I've looked at painting the tiles as opposed to replacing them completely because I think pulling them off will be a bigger job than anticipated because I think the wall would have to be re-plastered but I do definitely need the rest of round the bath finishing off so it's swings and roundabouts really with that one!

In rooms where there is lots of moisture in the air, such as bathrooms and kitchens, appropriate ventilation is very important. If you don’t think about bathroom ventilation before you start your project, you’re sure to regret it later on because you’ll start to notice damp and mould growth. I have got a window in mine but I know not everyone has that luxury, especially in terraced houses. All you need is a domestic ventilation fan to help keep the newly renovated room fresh and airy. There are plenty of silent fans on the market so as not to disturb your relaxation time.



To be fair, I'm really pleased with the light I bought from B&M the other week; it was only £12.99 and it's so effective; I feel like it's really brightened up the room. Ideally I'd love a dimmable light in the bathroom just so I could turn the lights down when I was having a bath but to be honest it's absolutely fine just turning the light off and lighting a candle instead when I want to have a super-relaxing soak!

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