Garnier Ultimate Blends Banana Hair Food Review

We all want soft, shiny, well nourished hair and we'll buy into all the conditioning products that claim to 'repair split ends' and 'condition from root to tip' only to be largely disappointed with the outcomes. It's not often that I absolutely rave about a beauty product now but I can't get enough of Garnier Ultimate Blends Banana Hair Food and I'll tell you why it's the best budget hair mask on the market at the moment. 



It can be used as a regular conditioner, a leave-in conditioner or a mask but let's just be clear I have only used this as a mask so I can't speak for the leave-in aspect but I've been using this now for just over a month 2/3 times per week so I can definitely give a well rounded view on 2 of the 3 things it claims to be able to do. 

Firstly, it smells amazing (providing you like banana) it does smell kind of artificial but I still absolutely love the smell; think those foam banana sweets and you get the idea. Not only does it smell amazing in the pot but it also makes my hair smell beautiful even after drying which very few hair product seem to have the ability to do. 

I usually use it as a mask, which involves leaving it on for 3-5 minutes (or longer if you have the time) and I always make sure I brush or comb it through my hair while it's on to make sure that I'm conditioning throughout my hair, not just the top layer (particularly important because I do have quite thick hair). It leaves my hair feeling beautifully smooth when wet, which is what you find with most conditioners but I think the real test of a conditioner is how it feels once your hair is dry. 

I've noticed a marked difference in the condition of my hair since using this; there does seem to be a lot less breakage and knotting (previously, I was finding that my hair would knot up every single time I dried it). Also, even though it conditions it beautifully, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all.

All this might be to do with the fact that the Garnier Ultimate Blends Banana Hair Food is free from silicones (which give the illusion of silky smooth hair but really it's just a film that weighs it down) and the ingredients are 98% natural (a claim I do question slightly due to the fact that 'natural' is an unregulated word). Also, Garnier claim that it's a vegan formula which it may well be but Garnier themselves are not a Vegan only brand so make of that what you will.

To be honest, all you need to know is that this hair mask is 100% worth buying, especially if you can find it on offer at less than £3.50!

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