Making Your New House A Home, On A Budget

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Finally, you’ve got your own space to decorate and do with as you please. But one of the things you can expect when buying your new house is that it’s going to cost you a lot of money. By the time you’ve covered the deposit, fees and moving costs, you might not have much left at the end of it.

But no doubt you’ll want to start working on making your new house a home, something that can feel difficult when funds are low. Luckily, there are some great ways you can decorate your home on a budget and turn your hand to DIY projects without having to spend a fortune.

Take a look at the following tips to help you get started:

Prioritise your needs versus your wants

When you first move into your home, it’s natural to want to decorate every room straight away. But if you add up the total of what that’s going to cost, you’ll soon see that it’s a very expensive job! Prioritisation is key here, and you’ll need to spend time thinking about the things you need (bed, sofa, wardrobes) versus your wants (garden furniture, expensive rugs, etc.). Buy the things you need first, and then you can save to bring in some of the things you want.

Browsing the sales is a good way to find some home bargains, so you could pick up some excellent bargains on furniture and home decor that can free up some room in your budget for other items.

Shop on the high street

The high street is an excellent place to find fashionable and affordable home items. Some of the best homeware retailers on the high street include Zara Home, H&M, Marks and Spencer and Next. You can also find some extremely affordable decorative pieces in places like Wilko or Primark, helping you kit out your home for less. Taking the time to browse different stores could help give you some inspiration, and could even help you find some of your most coveted items at a much lower price.

DIY can go a long way

A bit of DIY can go a long way in your home, with projects like wall panelling being a simple way of making your home look chic and more unique to you. While buying ready-made items or hiring help seems like an easy option, you’ll save a lot of money by doing these projects yourself.

Get the items you need from a building supplies store  and watch some tutorials to help you get started with some DIY projects that will really help to transform your home.

Turning your house into a home is a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too. Remember that these things rarely happen overnight, and while someone’s home might seem perfect on Instagram or Pinterest, it’s taken them a long time to get there. Take your time and pursue the projects that will make you happy - which room will you start with first?

Sunday Lunch Around Yorkshire - Bishop's Bar and Bistro Review

I recently decided that there's definitely a market for rating Sunday Lunches in my area, yes we've got Trip Advisor, the semi reliable source for restaurant reviews but I think there's so much more to reviewing a Sunday Lunch than just a couple of lines and an overall mark out of 5, so treat this as the first of many reviews.

Finding the best Sunday lunch in Yorkshire will be a difficult job, I would imagine, but by looking at a number of aspects of each venue I hope to give you a properly rounded view of where's best for Sunday Lunch near you. When reviewing, I will be looking at 5 aspects: quality and choice of meat (obviously), quality and choice of veg, quality of Yorkshire pudding, eating environment and value for money.

Firstly, I'll be doing a review of Bishop's Bar and Bistro in Howden. I will start by saying that this meal was complimentary because I won it but there were no obligations whatsoever for me to review it, in fact I daresay that unless the owners read this review, they'll not know I even have a blog to share my view on.



Eating Environment

Space isn't a luxury enjoyed by Bishop's Bar and Bistro, I must admit, although the atmosphere and decor is lovely. As you can see on the photo, they have beautiful copper beer pumps mounted on a solid wood bar; I think they've gone for a rustic yet modern kind of look which I do think they've achieved for the most part. In the bar area they have some sofas and other comfy seating which can be used while you wait for your table and it does section off the main eating restaurant from the customers just in for a few drinks which is always a good idea I find, if possible. 

The restaurant area has wooden bench seating which runs across the back of the room which then has space for several tables to be positioned in whichever way suits the bistro at that particular time and they then have 4/5 other separate tables and chairs at the other side of the room. Quite rightly so, they have utilised every bit of space available but at peak times when the room is full it does seem very, very busy and ends up being quite a close eating experience with other guests. Not a huge issue for us as we were on a table for 2 in a bit of an alcove but if you don't like being close to other diners I would suggest you make the team aware so they can try and seat you accordingly.

Quality and choice of meat

As you can see on the menu above, they have 7 choices of main course: roast beef, roast lamb, roast belly pork, poached chicken, poached haddock, steak and ale pie and leek and potato pie (vegetarian option) which, for me, is an amazing choice for any pub or restaurant for Sunday Lunch and to have the option of lamb is also quite a luxury compared to some places so in terms of choices there's definitely plenty of them! You can also choose between 3 different sizes of lunch, small £8.50 (one meat), medium £10.50 (two meats) or large £11.50 (to be honest, I'm not sure whether this gave 3 choices of meat or just more of two meats). 

We both went for a medium with beef and belly pork. 

Unfortunately, you can't actually see the beef as it's hidden under the slab of belly pork but it was definitely there. The belly pork itself was beautiful, obviously it is a fatty meat so please be aware of this before you order but the fat makes the meat beautifully tender and flavoursome. The crackling on top wasn't the best I've tasted but I ate it nevertheless because for me, there's something strangely appealing about a layer of cooked fat on top of pork. 

I was slightly disappointed with the beef, but only because it was sliced so thinly, thin slices will suit some and not others though! I just prefer a thicker cut. It was still lean and tasty though so I can't fault it on that basis. 

Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire definitely looked and tasted homemade which ticks a box straight away and it had properly risen to pretty impressive heights. Was it the best I've ever tasted, no, purely because maybe the mixture was a little bit thick as it was quite a stodgy pudding, less crispy and more stodgy but it was also by no means a bad Yorkshire!

Choice and Quality of Veg

In my opinion, the veg really can make or break a Sunday lunch and luckily, Bishop's Bar and Bistro delivered on that side of things aswell...

In separate serving bowls, we had carrots, brocolli, leeks in a creamy sauce then cauliflower cheese and I think they were honey roasted parsnips and carrots. All veg was cooked to perfection and I love the fact that they offer leeks in the creamy sauce - I'm not 100% sure what the creamy sauce was but it was gorgeous! The cauli cheese was also really tasty and had obviously been finished off under the grill or something to give that browning on the cheese. We could have had more veg, if we'd wanted but it was more than enough for us two to share!

Value for Money

I couldn't do a review of Sunday Lunches up north and not make a comment about value for money because it is something that most of us look at regardless of what we're buying. As I mentioned earlier, they do have 3 different prices for Sunday Lunch at Bishop's Bar and Bistro; between £8.50 and £11.50. I realise that we didn't actually pay for ours as it was a competition prize but if we had, it would have been £10.50 each which I think is more than reasonable considering the quality and amount of food we received! It's definitely not the cheapest Sunday lunch you'll find but as we all know, it's often a case of 'you get what you pay for'

Would I recommend Bishop's Bar & Bistro? Absolutely, just make sure you book in as they do seem to get very busy and make sure you give any seating requests on booking and I'm sure the team will do their best to accommodate you!