Friction Free Shaving Review & Discount

Lockdown has definitely got me trying to get more things delivered via mail order than I did in the past; I've now get eco-friendly laundry tabs delivered every so often and I finally decided to take the plunge and order a my razors online too after seeing a few people signing up to subscription services like Friction Free Shaving. After months of using disposables because I was too tight to pay for Gillette Venus refills I decided it was time to try out some good quality but affordable razors.

When you first sign up you tell FFS how often you shave, I personally opted for 'a few times a week' which means that my box will come once every other month which sounds ideal to me as you get 4 refill blades in every box. You also get the chance to choose your handle, currently they have 4 different colours including the beautiful rose gold one that I went for. You can also get yours personalised for an additional £6.

The handle itself is really quite heavy, it reminds me of how sturdy men's razors tend to be which gives me confidence that it'll last for many refills to come; it also has a rubber grip underneath which is useful in making sure it doesn't slip out of your hand while shaving.

The blades themselves have 6 diamond coated blades which makes the shave brilliantly smooth and close with no drag whatsoever. I was a little sceptical at first because the moisturising strip is only very thin and when I've bought Venus razors I've always liked the moisture bar that some of them have on them as it means that even without much shaving foam you get a really smooth shave, however, I am pleasantly surprised by how these razors don't need the moisture strip - in fact that I'd say they're better for not having it. These Friction Free Shaving blades seem to give me a much closer shave than Venus, presumably because the actual blades get closer to the skin with the absence of a moisture block.

The blade head also moves with the contours of your body which makes it perfect for ensuring you don't miss any patches on your legs - that's another issue I had with disposable: the fact that I would think I'd shaved properly only to discover a huge patch of hair at the side of my leg! I didn't get that with this and my legs felt beautifully smooth with no dragging or nicks (nicks were also something I'd started to get pretty much every time I shaved with disposable which is another thing that prompted me to change because shaving cuts bleed like heck!). You'll also see in that last picture that it comes with a clamshell protector so you can pop that on between shaves to stop it getting damaged or damaging anything else!

Now onto arguably the most important bit - the price. It is a subscription service but you can cancel it at any time and you are in full control of the frequency of your order. Your initial order when you sign up will come with the handle, 4 blades, and a clamshell protector; this will cost you £9 (subsequent refills will also cost £9) however, I have a link which will get you a £3 discount off your first order taking it down to just £6 which I think is an absolute steal! Just follow this link to get your Friction Free Shaving discount and let me know how you get on if you do order.

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