Tukin Foods Discount Code and Review

The last 10 weeks has been a testing time in more ways that one; we've had to completely transform our lives in a lot of ways and adapt quickly to new ways of living - most of which I will continue with well beyond lockdown because some of it has actually been revolutionary! One of the biggest changes I have made over 10 weeks of lockdown is the way I buy food. I've gone from shopping 3/4 times per week; just picking up a few bits on the way home from work (which by the way, was totally inefficient and used to do my head in!) to relying on a 'big shop' once a week and topping up with other bits and bobs usually from smaller businesses as and when I can.

Tukin Foods is a small business I've been introduced to recently who offer handmade curries delivered to your door which I think is absolutely revolutionary. Sounds a bit daft to refer to a ready meal as revolutionary but I think we all have that image of 'ready meal curry' in our heads as being a bit sad and uninspiring; something that you chuck in the microwave because you have nothing else to eat. Tukin has completely changed my perception of ready meals!

Based in Leicester, Tukin offer a full range of handmade curries, naans and and sides which make for the perfect takeaway treat at home without paying a premium. They were kind enough to send me a care package full of a selection of their products so I wanted to share my thoughts.

I'll start with the curry ready meals: I've tried the Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Jalfrezi and Butternut Squash and Spinach Curry (all priced at £4.50). These can be heated in the microwave or the oven (I would recommend putting the curry into another container if you are going to use the oven though as I found that the plastic packaging isn't oven-proof). The first thing I noticed about each curry is the beautiful texture and consistency; they are gorgeously thick and the meat curries all contained plenty of chicken. They also do a Lamb Rogan Josh and a Vindaloo if either of those tickle your fancy. 

My personal favourite has to be the Chicken Korma; it was so creamy and coconutty - I much prefer this to the Kormas I've had from restaurants and takeaways because it was creamy but not overly sweet. The Chicken Tikka, again, wasn't as sweet as I've had from takeaways but it was so tasty and doesn't have that luminous red colour that you often get from restaurants and takeaways as it's made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Vegetarian curry - this was delicious and very filling! The Jalfrezi is the hottest of the 4 curries but not unbearable - still not too hot that you don't get any of the flavours but if you don't like a kick then I would stay with the milder curries such as Korma.

Now onto the Indian side orders - I had a Chicken Tikka Samosa, Vegetable Samosa and Onion Bhaji (all £2.00 each) and they were all lovely! They're large enough to share between two if you wanted to try a bit of each and done in the oven they come out beautifully crispy as you would expect in a restaurant - I highly recommend these even just as a snack to take to work!

I was also sent some drinks which were the Nix and Kix Cucumber and Mint and Blood Orange and Turmeric (both £1.30 each). I'm not a fan of the Cucumber and Mint because it was simply just like drinking cucumber water which really isn't for me but the Blood Orange and Turmeric was so refreshing straight out of the fridge!

Mango Lassi is classed as a drink but it's basically a yoghurt drink and I can't describe how nice it is! I would 100% buy this again as it's the perfect dessert kind of drink after a curry - it really cools your mouth down and is gorgeously creamy!

Finally, onto the Curry in a Naan. Where do I even begin with these. Gone are the days when I will buy a boring pre-packed sandwich because these are a quick lunch game changer! They can be eaten hot or cold (although they are better hot) and they are absolutely divine! They do the Naans with Korma, Tikka, Jalfrezi and Vegetarian and I can confirm that they're all beautiful and only £2.70 each. If you check out the Tukin Foods Instagram page you'll see that I'm not the only one raving about their fresh products!

You can buy Tukin products at selected Tescos, One Stops, Co-ops, Wilko's, Nisas, Booths, Jacks and Franprix but I think the most convenient way to order is by doing it directly on the Tukin Foods website. They offer free next day delivery nationwide if you spend over £25 and if you enter my discount code: FOODIE10 at the checkout you'll also receive 10% off your order! All their foods are delivered in a box with cool packs so it reaches you in tip-top condition and it's all freezable so you can stock up to reach that free delivery threshold!

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