4 Paradise Islands You'll Want To Retire On

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If you think of the word paradise, the image of a silent island bathed in heavenly sunshine and calm blue waves will appear to mind. That is no fantasy, as there are countless islands that provide that kind of dream for someone who is ready to move to such a place. They have the same sort of weather but their cultures are different. You have many islands in North America, just off the coast of Florida. You also have islands that are in South America, the Indian Ocean and around the South China Sea. But some are better than others, so we’ve compiled a list of the best.



Just off the east coast of Madagascar, this beautiful little island is in the Indian Ocean. It's so popular that it has a population of 1.2 million people. But don’t worry, it's not as crowded as you might think. Here's why you would want to live in Mauritius. From Grand Baie to Tamarin and to the airport, there are villas, apartments, condos and gated communities that are never too far from the beach. It has a landmass of 1,600 square miles and a GDP of $31 billion. That means that there’s plenty of money for infrastructure and keeping the island clean, heavenly and just the way it should be. So you have peace, quiet and the island is kept in tip-top shape to keep residents happy. 


The British Indian Ocean Territory is further east to Mauritius and it's just as beautiful. Home to coral reefs and turtles, it's also full of penguins during certain times of the year. The white soft sands and the leaning palm trees are just a classic sign that you are in paradise. However, you have a lot more privacy on this island because there are 1,000 people, 3,000 military personnel. It's just 23 square miles but a little shack by the beach is all you’ll want for the seclusion, privacy and quiet you get in return.


An amazing island that is one of the most-loved of the UK’s overseas territories, as well as for its mystique regarding the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ conspiracy theories. It's fish hook shape makes for a great riviera island, with plenty of harbours, ports and places where you can ride around in your private boat. The weather is really quite calm for being further out into the North Atlantic Ocean. It's warm and humid, perfect for roaming around in flip flops and shorts, just the way the British like it! 


Most people have never heard of this island, but that’s even more alluring for someone who wants to retire in peace and quiet. The see-through turquoise waters are incredible. Warm and smooth, these waters will have your floating and swimming in them for hours and hours every day. The long sandy beach is just what you would want in a classic paradise island. Nothing more to say about Anguilla.

Some of the greatest islands on earth are yearning for more inhabitants who want to retire and enjoy the more beautiful parts of the world. Have you chosen your favourite yet?

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