What to do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

The property market is incredibly extensive, and it seems to get bigger and better every single year. More properties, more affordable prices, more customers looking to buy and rent, etc., which all works out in your favour if you’re looking to sell a property of your own. 

However, putting your house on the market isn’t a one step process, and people often forget about how long the prep time can be. And because of this, we’ve detailed out the most important yet mislooked steps below. If you’re looking to sell, make sure you keep them all in mind! 

Find the Right Estate Agent

Finding the right estate agent should take you some time; don’t just turn to your nearest local agency and expect them to pull off the dream sale you’re looking for! Sure, you can try selling yourself, but if you’re not sure of the process, it’s better to go with a professional. 

When looking for an estate agent, keep in mind the time it takes them to sell a property, how often they successfully negotiate asking prices, and their average fees. Once you’ve worked all of these factors out, pick from the best of the bunch. 

Get Your Property Checked Out

Then it’s time to call in someone who can check your property, and grant it the certificates it needs to be placed on the market. These include an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate, which is the most important certificate you’ll need to be able to show, as well as Asbestos checks, or an Electrical Safety Report, depending on the history of your property. Getting all of these certificates doesn’t have to be hard either - you can get in touch with a supplier of property certificates very easily, and you don’t need a solicitor or estate agent to be present either. 

And whilst you’re here, make sure you have other necessary documents on hand as well, such as a copy of the title deed, mortgage details, and a property information form. Your estate agent of conveyancer should be able to provide more details and/or a copy of the forms you need to fill out/sign. 

Get a Solicitor 

And finally, it’s time to find yourself a good Conveyance Solicitor. Every single property that’s currently for sale on the market has been put there by the work of one of these solicitors, and they handle all legal needs during the selling process. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until you’ve found a buyer to look for a conveyancer. You can find them out ahead of time, and use their services to help the selling process move a lot faster and smoother. Of course, they’re going to cost extra money, so make sure you’re aware of the kind of fees you’ll need to pay here. 

Putting your home on the market is a lot of work, but if you know what you’re doing, the process won’t take half as long! So keep these tips in mind. 

Personalised Christmas Gifts - What Katy Did - Shop with Small Businesses this Christmas

This Christmas gift guide is a bit of a spotlight on a business that's local to me; I know how hard Katie works to make sure her products are the best quality and I know she's up at all times of the night sorting orders out (all while looking after her 3 boys!) so I wanted to share some of the fab products she sells on the What Katy Did. She sells all sorts of brilliant gift ideas from personalised children's clothes and accessories to personalised pet accessories and beautiful homewares.

I've picked out a few bits from the Black Friday clearance section because there are some amazing deals:

I've included a few things which are perfect for Christmas eve boxes such as the personalised christmas pyjamas (£11.95) and a personalised enamel mug which would be perfect for enjoying a hot chocolate on Christmas eve before Father Christmas visits!

I love the personalised children's apron set which can be bought either as a set or as a separate personalised apron and baking set 

The personalised bamboo elephant plate set is a perfect little gift or stocking filler; it comes with a set of matching spoons and personalised name of your choice engraved on it for only £10.00

Perfect for nursery of school, the children's personalised rucksack (£10.00) is another great little gift/stocking filler!

I'm all for dressing for the occasion so the baby's first Christmas dinner bib caught my eye because it's such a beautiful design.

Please note that All What Katy Did products are handmade and therefore take time to create. All turnaround times are listed on the homepage. Please ensure all spellings and your colour choices are correct for your purchase. If in doubt please get in touch with Katie via email; she's really lovely and always happy to help!