3 Most Desired Changes for the Living Room

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When talking with people over 2020 as to what they don’t like about their surroundings within the home, there have been many areas fit for an improvement.

Among these pivotal areas for a relaxing home, the living room area tends to be the focal point for any changes to happen, with a sense that adding more set pieces and changing flooring tastes on top of the new year wish list.

Three areas are highlighted here as the top desires within a new living room space.

Centre Features

Amazingly popular now is a reintroduction of coffee tables to living room areas.

Having a centrepiece such as a coffee table gives the ability to provide extra cosiness as well as give extra dimension to the room. Having large spaces between seating sometimes feels so awkward, especially now that many of us have to work from home. Many choose a wood effect or stone styled centrepiece to match their flooring (or which we will cover shortly) to give a sense of connectivity throughout the room.

Plus, it’s always good to have somewhere to put that cup of java whilst spending some time in front of the news.


Whether real or artificial, people are loving their large planets in corners of their room.

It is a calming atmosphere and brightens up dull corners by giving it a bit of natural beauty. It could be because lockdown’s have prevented us from visiting a lot of natural beauty spots or even holidays recently that has caused a rise in popularity in plant decor, or maybe it’s down to everyone being confined in their houses for prolonged periods and growing tired of their decor, but plants are providing a calm and relaxing aura around the living room.

Close to natural sunlight is required for these to survive if selecting a real plant.


A lot of shift away from carpets and hardwood floors towards products like luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is in vogue currently.

This is down to its comparative ease in maintenance (requiring only a simple brush and mop to keep clean) as well as its reinforced durability. People who want hardwood or stone style floors are also turning to lowest price Amtico Spacia flooring due to its perfect replication of the real product, with it being a fraction of the cost also.

Whilst people are sourcing more environmentally friendly options for their home, vinyl flooring has been a premier friendly product through years of development, making even the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK is a fantastic investment along with upto 25 years warranty.

So what do you feel about your living room space this year?

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