Five Tips For Giving Your Car A Spring Refresh

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Spring is always a good time to refresh your home, garden and car. This year, there’s an extra reason to give your car some love. You should, hopefully, be able to get out and about in it more. That means you’ll want it to look and feel good and run well. You’ll probably also want it to run as affordably as possible. Here are some tips.

Clean out your boot

Even if you ignore every other tip in this article, do this. Boots filled with needless stuff aren’t just untidy and smelly. They literally weigh down your car. That means your car needs more fuel to work. In other words, it costs you more to run. It might only be a little more each trip, but those pennies add up into pounds.

Take care of your bodywork

Leaving dirt on your car damages the exterior. Give it a thorough clean and take care of even minor scratches. They might not look like much but they can let rust take a hold. If you’re up for some fun, you could add a car decal or two. These are much more affordable (and much less commitment) than a paint respray.

Check your tyres

Spring is guaranteed to bring showers and that can make road surfaces slippery. This means that it’s still important to ensure your tyres have reliable grip. It’s also important to check the pressure regularly.  

This is because tyre pressure is affected by air temperature. In spring, temperatures are highly variable so you may have to inflate/deflate your tyres to compensate. Digital tyre pressure gauges are very affordable and make it really easy to monitor your tyres.

Get that “new car” smell back

If you’ve ever been to a quality car dealership like Jaguar Basingstoke, you’ll have noticed that all the cars have a gorgeous smell. Getting your car smelling great can really make a difference to how you feel about driving it. It’ll also impress your passengers.

Getting your car smelling great starts by getting it really clean. At the very least, give it a good hoover and remove any stains, even small ones. If you can give it a proper wash inside (or clean the leather with leather cleaner).

That should get rid of any lingering smells. If, however, you want to level up from good to great, then you need to invest in a proper car air freshener. You can still get “old-school” sprays, cardboard “pine trees” and gel packs. These days, however, you can also get proper car diffusers. You can also buy fragrances you’d be happy to use on yourself.

Sort out your organisation

Ideally, you should use your glove compartment for standard essentials like a first aid kit. Avoid stuffing it totally full because this makes the contents harder to access in an emergency. After this, think about how you use your car and what you need to make your driving experience more seamless.

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