How to instil your child with a love of travel

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If you’re a big fan of travel and you also happen to have a little one (or a few) then it’s only natural that you want your child to be just as enthusiastic about exploring the world as you are. However, it’s not something that they’re going to automatically develop as they grow. It’s something that often needs to be taught. Here are a few ways you can help instil your love of travel into your kids.

Help them have brand new experiences

The first tip that you might want to follow is that you should think carefully about the kind of trip that you take your kid on in the first place. For instance, your child might not find it overly exciting to visit a sunny, warm spot if all they can do is lounge on the beach because it might feel much the same as going to the beach in the summer back home. However, encouraging them to try brand new experiences such as a ski trip can help them see the sheer diversity of what’s on offer when they can travel. What’s more, it can help them build their confidence so that they’re more willing to try new things in future, too.

Encourage them to travel without you

Don’t worry, this tip isn’t suggesting that you pack your kid’s bags and send them into the great unknown without any company or assistance. However, it’s likely that there are going to be travel opportunities that your child might be able to take advantage of without you there. If there are activity groups, such as sports teams, that organise trips, religious groups you are a part of that offer field trips, or the classic kind of school trips available at a student travel company, then you should encourage your child to take those trips. Getting the chance to “spread their wings” without your supervision, even if they still have supervision of some sort, can help them find the love of travel for themselves.

Align your trips with their interests

What do you love about travel? How well does it fit your other interests and personality? If you’re a person who loves to relax in comfort, then you’re a lot more likely to love a spa holiday at some sunny and luxurious destination. If you’re a bit of a history buff, then you might like more culturally enriched spots, and if you’re a fitness fanatic, you might like somewhere that you can hike, walk trails, kayak and more. Think about your child’s interests, and find destinations that align with those interests. It might mean occasionally having to sacrifice the type of vacation that you normally want for the type of vacation more likely to appeal to them.

If your child doesn’t love travel, then it can become undeniably difficult to organise vacations and trips with them. The good news is that it’s not very difficult for most kids to find what “clicks” with them about travel. Often you just need to find the right opportunities or the right angle to frame it.

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