3 Essential Tips for Selecting Where and How to Move House

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While moving guides are often important, it’s not uncommon to see many blogs taking something of a reductive approach to it. We know that moving is quite stressful for many people, so it’s no wonder writers wish to calm their audience, by showing them how to pack before the removal company comes, or what to do on moving day.

But the truth is that a good house move is something that is planned for, not focused on in the moment. You have time to plan, just as you have time to decide what kind of forward progress you’d like to take. Often, taking the first steps as well as you can will make all the difference. This all depends on how you approach the moving process from the offset. If you do this well, you will no doubt give yourself much in the way of positive wriggle room going forward, and may even be able to avoid the pitfall of having too little time and energy to make good decisions.

But this is just preamble. Let’s focus on what matters:

Finding The Best Price

Finding the best price for your property seems like an obvious priority to have. Most people want to be paid the most. But this doesn’t mean driving a hard bargain and being opposed to the essentials of negotiation. That almost never works. What it does mean is taking some time to allow a proper service with the inclination of marketing your property as well as possible to take the reigns. Some specialist estate agents may also give you the chance to sell to corporate clients, too. Keep your options open and don’t be afraid of a second opinion.

Considering How Much You’re Willing To Invest

How much are you actually willing to ‘do up’ a separate property? It might be that you’re happy to do that provided it means you can get a good deal on the baseline house itself. But what does this mean for your ability to move in? Might you have to delay that for a couple months? Is the house livable while you reorient and redesign other non-essential rooms? Consider if you’re willing to invest in making a property yours, or if you’re most drawn to a feature-complete, recently repaired and competently maintained build. It will define your entire approach thoroughly.

It’s All About The Commute

Many people say that location is the main consideration, and that’s true, but we’d recommend that you focus on the everyday matters of how you’ll operate near the home and how much you’re willing to give in either direction? Is ten minutes less of a commute to your new job worth £10,000 for a different property? Perhaps, if you add ten minutes either way each day over months, you end up saving hours of your time. Is your time over five years worth £10,000? It may possibly be. Keeping the commute in mind may not define your decision, but it really does help you structure the baseline needs you have.

With this advice, we hope you can select where and how to move with confidence, allowing you to transition into the moving process with incredible momentum.

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