Sleek Oh So Special Palette Swatches

I treat myself to this little gem the other day when I went to see Twilight, I've been looking for the Oh So Special palette for a while but it's been out of stock every time I've walked into a Superdrug which stocks Sleek; you must all know by now that my local Superdrug doesn't stock Sleek so I've had to wait until I went out of town. Sleek is now also stocked at Boots. I'd heard that this is THE Sleek Palette to own and I have to say some of the shades are really unique.



One thing I love about the Sleek palettes is the huge mirror on the inner side of the lid, in fact I love the packaging as a whole, it looks sophisticated on the outside with the Sleek logo and then the untouched shadows when you first open it look really good because they're waffled (if that's the word to describe them!) Ohh and can't forget the little sheet which tells you the names of the shades... shade names are a nice little touch I think. 



I like that they have mixed matte and shimmer shades in one palette and they've also included some pink and red tones. The shimmer shadows are beautifully pigmented; really easy to apply and build into some really intense shades. This is a beautiful palette but if you're more of a neutral lover, the Sleek Au Naturel Palette might be more up your street!

Liz Earl Skin System Review

Ever since I bought cleanse and polish I have harped on about how much I love it and how it makes my skin feel so clean I had to try the next 2 steps; it'd be rude not to! The next step after Cleanse and Polish is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml spritz bottle available in an ordinary bottle or spritz form this is a product which is for all skin types; one product suits all sort of thing like cleanse and polish. As most of you probably know, Liz Earle have a moisturiser suited to most skin types; combination/oily, normal/combination, dry/sensitive and very dry/mature skin. I have oily skin so I have the Skin Repair Moisturiser Light* (£21.00 for 50ml pump).



The Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£16.00) promises to 'Revitalise, Soothe and Tone for Instant Radiance'

I LOVE this product, the idea of it being in a spritz bottle is fab for me because it's just so convenient, I'll often go for an afternoon nap after university or before work so this product is ideal for just spritzing on my face to wake me up, it smells beautiful and doesn't sting my eyes (although I don't recommend squirting it directly into your eyes!). I have also tried this in bottle form, and although it's the exact same product I still prefer to spritz rather than use cotton wool. Like all Liz Earle products I've tried, this smells absolutely lush, so clean and not a chemical scent in sight; no wonder really seeing as it contains aloe vera, vitamin E, calendula extract, chamomile extract, hops, cucumber, geranium and a whole load of other 'naturally active ingredients' that give me the confidence to use this product without fear that it's going to block my pores. It does take a little while to soak into your skin properly so it's a good idea to do something else before you put on your moisturiser just so you get the full benefits of using this toner; the non-spritz toner does dry a little quicker but thats all about application and which one you buy is totally down to personal preference but I definitely recommend trying this one if you've already tried the bottled one.


Skin Repair Moisturiser* (£21.00) is 'Light, Gentle and Balancing for Fresh, Naturally Healthy Skin'
When I received this I was surprised to see that this comes in a pump bottle rather than a screw top jar which is what I have seen on so many blogs. When Liz Earle say light, they really mean that this product is light as it comes out of the pump it's a lovely consistency; one pump easily covers my face! I have noticed that my skin feels less oily throughout the day since using Liz Earle for just a week! The Skin Repair Moisturiser is absorbed by my skin super quickly and gives a great base for makeup.

I can highly recommend Liz Earle skin products if you're looking for a high quality skincare routine for combination skin.

Easy Children in Need Nail Art

You know I'm all for extremely easy nail art on Girl Up North so I wanted to share this easy Children In Need nail art with just one accent nail that makes the design unmistakable!

All you'll need for this Children in Need nail art is a shade of yellow, a white nail polish, a red, a blue, a green and a dotting tool. 


This tutorial doesn't involve any intricate bear drawings; just 3 simple steps to Children in Need nails:

Step 1:
Paint 4 fingers with your chosen shade of yellow, leaving out an accent finger next to your little finger

Step 2:
Paint your accent finger next to your little finger with the white nail paint. Leave this to dry completely.

Step 3:
Using the dotting tool, dot the red, blue, green and yellow nail paint onto the accent finger.

This nail art is a really fun and inexpensive way to show your support for Children in Need, don't forget to share it with me on Instagram if you try it!

Miss Sporty Grape Fit Swatch

Before I bought this polish, I did have a bit of an unfounded thing against Miss Sporty as a brand, the image I had in my head was a collection of makeup products which were used only by 12 year olds who got a fiver pocket money every week. But their nail colours have completely changed my opinion!

Clubbing colours nail polish has blown all that totally out of the water, my perception was completely skewed and I obviously hadn't moved with the times (and with Miss Sporty as a brand). As yet can't speak for the other products by this particular brand but I am so impressed by this polish.


The formula is not really thin and hard to apply, it actually goes on quite opaque even with the first coat. This particular shade is really creamy in consistency (I need to try others to see what they're like!) The above photo was taken with just two coats. The only thing I will say about the product itself is that it stinks; I know nail polish doesn't smell nice in general but this has a really strong chemical smell! It does say that it's quick dry on the bottle but I have so far failed to find a nail polish which dries quick enough for my liking (i'm always in a rush) but as long as you remember to put a top coat on, you should be fine with this as it does dry pretty fast in comparison to some!

The packaging isn't fantastic, very plain and its feels like such a small bottle, descriptions are very minimal on the bottle but who cares with a brush like this...


It doesn't actually say on the bottle about this beauty of a brush, it reminds me very much of the new Rimmel polish Brushes nice and wide but not too wide so that it goes all over the sides of your little finger. Absolutely love it, this was the final piece of the product that has really sold Miss Sporty well to me.

I will, without a doubt, buy more shades, theres a really nice pearl pink one called 'Tina Sparkle' and to top it all off, at the moment these are 3 for 2 in Superdrug. Unfortunately I can't get a link because there doesn't seem to be any of these on the website but they are around £1.99 where stocked. They are very much worth £2 and I can't wait to try some more Miss Sporty products, hopefully they won't disappoint!